by AKA Faceless

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Written and recorded with 3 microphones in about two weeks.


released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


AKA Faceless Sisters, Oregon

New Age Rock N Roll


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Track Name: City Visions
Running in a city that never sleeps cause I'm ready to go.
I consider it a pity, no one knows my name. But, they will as I grow.
As they call me Faceless, I put on a mask like V.
While they say I'm tainted.

I don't mind if it don't bling, bling. Little senorita gonna make me sing. Sing yourself like Gold.

Seven in the morning and I still aint slept. But, there's coffee to go.
A thousand little things to sort in my own head, and I will go slow.
As they call me crazy, I crave em for another round.
While they say I'm lazy.

I don't mind if it don't bling, bling. Little senorita gonna make me sing. I don't sing for nothing if it don't mean you. So, sing yourself like Gold.
Track Name: Succubus
A little insane, just dig a little deeper. I'll play the demon if you search for sinners. A cup of coffee, a cigarette to roll her. We aint got nothing left, the days are over.

I went to church to burn the witch. Then, I discovered that she had an itch. How bout it, baby? I'll pull the trigger. Take my hand. We'll jump together.
Soon, we closed our eyes and shed the love suit hex potion, so complex.
She stole my heart with her wings.


She scoffs her bridges further, I see. She's got issues, issues I wanna be. Meet at the crossroads, meet in your bedroom. It's hocus pocus if you dig a little deeper.
Swooned by her locked eyes and crude stare, wardrobe, and hair running down.
She stole my heart with her wings.

Track Name: Pretty One, Ugly World
As the sun rose from the gloom. Battled by his opposing death. Night after night, he watched the moon in grim, waiting for the days last breath.
Walking on eggshells, yelling at herself "which one's running insecure?". Soon after fright, she scurries from light, holding onto blue.
Neither is the misfit or the Lord.

Come closer to the bottom beat. Melody to the rhythm sticking to your feet. Day or night is a blessing if you listen. Don't trip if you don't want a blister. Life's a fallacy if you fake it, so, I might just break it.

All I need to know is that the water is clean. Something tells me humanity has just replaced life with democracy. As they say. But, I want it better.
Straight from the bottle, as above, so below, aimed at the throttle. Spectrum of the universe. Mathematics might show you what it's worth. It's an ugly world full of grace. So, I took off my face.
Track Name: A New Light
Fear always finds in a way. Purgatory entity. But, I will not be afraid.
Hey mister, hey mister, you see your daughter is cold and in need. But, she will not be afraid. To pray when time isn't around. Seize, overcome, all aboard, all over the sound of laughter.

Preaching to test is a sin. A testament sole, not a win. But, you should not be afraid. Boldness is cold when it's hot. Fire from faith hits the spot. And, we should not be afraid. To pray when time isn't around. Seize, overcome, all aboard to the sound of laughter.

I see, I see a new light.
Father, I see, I see, I see a new light.
Track Name: Ghost in the Garage
Hey! I never wanted you to play. But, someone has to lose. Until your mother says “come home for dinner”. Grey, fogging from your skin too late to ever see your kin. Until your sister says “go be a winner”. Deep inside the eyes of the garage, whispering an ode from a mirage “soon, alone we’ll be.” Cause nothing toys me better than the ghost.
Back and forth in a troubling way, she shakes my words when I got something to say. I scare myself with her white noise. Haunting me backwards like man to a boy.
Hey! Nothing better to do? Why don’t you stay clear of my blues? Until your father says “prove it.” Weigh your broken memories, set free the spirit of your pain. Until your brother says “nothing will hurt me.”
Track Name: Troubadour
Two faces in the mirror, desire clearer, one face turned to a poltergeist. The entity of my love for her ran just before she could taste the lips from her dreams.
Untied, yet holding the rope. Rolling over hooks, climbing vines to the trope. At midnight, I look over the sea to catch her ocean eyes at me.

I'm the troubadour with the boyish manner. You're the apple, the flourishing flower. Dare I take a bite of this Delicousy. Wait for the moment love struck the hour.

The thunder of her voice started a storm and shook the planet in her hands. She put me in her pocket, but, never locked it. So, I could still keep my freedom. As I became a ghost, she mentioned most that I should never walk away. And, as she whispers to me, she seems so gloomy. So, I should hold another stay with her.

Illusions of a muse. Tied between the blues. The faster you run, the faster I will drive.
Track Name: Revenue Walk
My teacher taught me with a dollar bill. I stole his marker with teenage thrill cause he knows that I wouldn't trade the knowledge for fun.
With little attention and some sweet sass, I lit a cigarette in the middle of class cause he knows that I wouldn't trade the lesson for fun.
Listen up, look around, cause I may run a little faster than the audible sound.

All the jerks are Faceless, and I try my best in eye for an eye. But, everybody seems to look the same.

The second I cheered, I heard the leader scream "watch yourself boy, you aint part the the team and you know that I wouldn't trade the world for you." I went to the board writing "one last chance, who'd like to come to the dance? Cause I know that I'd maybe work the ego for you."

All the girls are Faceless, and I try my best in eye for an eye. But, everybody seems to look the same.

"YOU ARE SOMETHING" that's what they said to me, until they got there pay. Oh, it's only the job to serve the servants til they walk away. So, preach, teach, leech what you got, just save it for me for another day
Track Name: Ode/Timbre
All she yearns to be is accepted by the feelings. But, she won't take the world to be passive. All he knows is fury. Scars from all the burdens. His shoulders are the wounds of a soldier.

The timbre of her broken curls sing to him in pleasured sound. Round and round, yon Virgin Mary dreams this love.

The sticks and stones he toyed with could not draw this fantasy. The kingdom for the queen must be honest. Pure are her intentions. While yearning for a solitude. Timeless is the apple of his eye.

The timbre of her broken curls sing to him in pleasured sound. Round and round, yon Virgin Mary strikes this harp in a palace of hearts. Fate is fretted into one song. The chorus; everlasting art. A mysterious awaiting uni-verse for two.